The first sold SANTOS bike is a fact!

As a dealer from SANTOS in Spain we have sold our first SANTOS bike.

The purchase is done by Urban Ciclist in ZARAGOZA.

His client choose for the TRAVELMASTER 2.6; a strong and reliable bicycle fitted with a ROHLOFF hub and Gates Carbon Belt-Drive.

Travelmaster 2.6

If you are looking for a heavy-duty touring bike that is suitable to make a world tour of a few years, then the Travel Master 2.6 is the bike of your choice. That fact is already been proven. The frame is light and durable. It is a bike where you can hang on, on which 55mm width tires you can mount with, on which you are comfortable driving on any road surface and having fine controls. Thirty pounds or more luggage; cycling on the 2.6 is a party. Both packed and without packing. Each peddling is effective. The bike is fast, manoeuvrable and very stable. In short, the Santos Travel Master 2.6 is the ultimate touring bike.

Travelmaster Veel-bagage

But even if you have less big plans, the SANTOS TRAVEL MASTER 2.6 is a great touring bike.


Feel free to have a look at the website of SANTOS or Centro Ciclismo Andalucía.

Centro Ciclismo Andalucía has the bike SANTOS SCC03 in their store , come and have a test ride and experience by yourself the qualities of this mountain bike.


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